The House that Pinterest Built by Diane Keaton

The House that Pinterest Built by Diane Keaton

The House that Pinterest Built by Diane Keaton

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 (Rizzoli) explores the inspiration the actress, Diane Keaton, found on the image-sharing website, Pinterest, as she built her dream home. The book contains images from her Pinterest boards and photographs of her house by the Los Angeles photographer Lisa Romerein.

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"In The House That Pinterest Built Diane Keaton provides a privileged peek into her 8,000-square-foot industrial-chic dream home. It’s a sprawling brick structure in west Los Angeles’s Sullivan Canyon boasting the kind of rough-hewed, reclaimed features that proliferate on Pinterest, and Ms. Keaton’s book takes cues from her preferred inspiration engine." 
The New York Times, October 2017

"The style-guide offers glimpses of the new California house's sprawling rooms, complete with magic touches— glimmering light fixtures, vintage clocks, rustic wood panes and more..."
The Cut, October 2017

"The award-winning actress's latest tome reveals a look inside the house she built from the ground up whit the help of the photo-sharing app."
Architectural Digest, November 2017


Creative Directors: Diane Keaton and Lorraine Wild
Art Directors: Sarah Shoemake and Aamina Ganser
Principal Photography: Lisa Romerein

Doug Curran, Anthony Miller, Sarah Rothbard, Stephanie Heaton and Dawson Weber were also instrumental in making this book a reality.